Environmental News Agency (ENA) is unbiased ,credible and impeccable online news website dedicated solely to the environment. ENA publishes both original news contents from investigation, research findings and political decisions  on the environment both in Ghana and International .The news portal also publishes sourced  environment affiliate news and other news wire services as well as articles from environmentalists, conservationists ,research associates ,freelance and citizen journalists in Ghana and Africa.

ENA is aim at providing sustainable  guaranteed impetus for environmental Journalism  in Ghana  as the practice has suffered several editorial impediments in the mainstream media houses due to complex factors in the Ghanaian media landscape .
The Editorial Mission of ENA is to serve as the mainstream environment news feed for Ghana and the globe. ENA is also dedicated to  inform , educate ,create platform to accelerate environmental awareness among the populace through our publications ,outreach programs ,link with local Ghanaian Radio ,Newspapers and  TV stations for in depth documentaries and features on environmental issues to secure the deteriorating  natural environment and ensure sustainable development.

Our News Editors are blend of Seasoned Environmental Journalists and Environmental experts carefully selected to provide reliable and credible news to the public. We also have Environmental Journalists, freelancers, and Environmental activists positioned across the  country to provide up to speed well investigated environmental stories .